Migration & mobility, Forum Africa position paper

This is the position paper presented during the latest International forum held in Taormina, “Developing the Regions of Africa and Europe”, titled: “Migration and mobility: joint strategic management between Europe and Africa“.

You can download the PDF by clicking here: Migration and Mobility.

Key points:

  • By modifying migratory flows between Europe, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, the events in North Africa have brought to the fore the limits of European politics in managing a phenomenon on a bi-continental scale.
  • The EU must take advantage of this situation to adopt a common migration policy that reflects a long-term strategy capable of taking into account world economic and demographic trends.
  • Proper regulation of European-African migration must occur within a win-win policy on a bi-continental scale that provides for the strategic management of migratory flows and places center-stage African economic development and employment.
  • New operational proposals must be developed, such as the creation of a European Migration Agency which would be an outgrowth of FRONTEX.

For more news about the Forum on Africa check www.africanews.it/forumafrica [in Italian]

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