Meeting: Rome will remember Abdul Guibre


Bookshop GRIOT will host tomorrow, 19th September, a “marathon of reading” to remember Abdul Guibre.

“No aggravation!” is the title of the event that will see the participation of actors, writers and intellectuals. All will remember the young Italian, 19 years old, with origins in Burkina Faso killed in Milan.

“No aggravation!”

This is the title of the event of the “antiracist marathon of readings to remember Abdul Guibre, Italian citizen, killed for a box of biscuits”, it is written in the Griot bookshop website.

The meeting will be moderated by the first Afro-Italian MP, Jean-Leonard Touadi, former security secretary of Rome’s town council.  Authors, writers, journalists and artists will be present. Among them: Amara Lakhous, Cristina Ali Farah, Jorge Canifa Alves, Lisa Ginzburg, Igiaba Scego, Daniele Scaglione, Elisa Davoglio, Lidia Riviello, Mauro Covacich, Fausto Pellegrini, actors Andrea Rivera and Giuseppe Cederna, journalists Marino Sinibaldi, Maria De Lourdes, Giovanni Maria Bellu, Gabriele del Grande, Barbara Romagnoli, Chiara Nielsen, Wasim Dahmash, Massimo Ghirelli.

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