Malema got tenders illegally – Sello Moloto

Former Limpopo Premier Sello Moloto says ANCYL president Julius Malema got government tenders in the province illegally. In an escalating war of words between the two sworn enemies and former comrades, Moloto alleged that Malema got the tenders by intimidating mayors and municipal managers. Moloto, now a Cope Limpopo MPL, said he could not have given any tenders to Malema under dubious circumstances.

“It is obvious that Malema had been getting the tenders illegally. “He (Malema) got those tenders by intimidating mayors and municipal managers that they would lose their jobs if they did not approve the appointments of his companies,” he said.

“Actually, since 2007 Malema used President Jacob Zuma’s campaign to intimidate everybody to give him tenders and that thing is continuing even now. “He said it publicly that he was working on a phone call by instructing people to give him tenders. People were told if they did not support Zuma they would not get tenders or government jobs,” Moloto said.

He also said he was not upset by Malema’s comments. “I am not shaken, I got a breather last year when I went to Cope.” He said Malema hated him with a passion “based on the insults he has been hurling at me each time he is given air time on radio stations”.

Last night Malema reacted angrily to Moloto’s claims. “His allegations are unfounded. He was chairperson and premier and he had every right to take action against me if I intimidated anyone. Moloto is useless and a loser and he will go to his grave a loser.”

Moloto confirmed that he had put questions to the legislature based on villagers’ complaints that some projects were not being completed. He said it was a coincidence that the companies’ performance they were asked to look into had links to Malema. “We are not after Malema. It could have been any other person. It was not about Julius.”

Source:  Sowetan online, 20100224

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