Libya: Pougala answers to questions from readers

Libya: Answers to questions from readers – The real reason for the war in Libya

By Jean-Paul Pougala – After my article entitled The Lies of the Western war against Libya, text translated into forty languages ​​worldwide, have received thousands of emails reactions for or against. I warmly thank all those who took the trouble to write. Given the large number of these messages, it was impossible to replicate individually to everyone.

So I decided to write this article to collectively respond to your doubts and questions that I summarized and grouped into these few paragraphs below. The answers that follow closely reflect my thoughts, my beliefs:


In this expression to “shoot his people” there is already the intention to undermine the Libyan president. We want to manipulate public opinion by raising his indignation. If he had shot the Italian people or French it would have been more normal? Would it have been more acceptable? No. In reality, it is a manipulation technique, with a combination of words carefully examined in the offices of policy research to find appropriate expressions to be integrated (as proof) to the real war that was then called.

To return to the same charge, the main information that led to the resolution 1973 Security Council United Nations is that of an alleged massacre of 10,000 dead and 55,000 injured in one month, sponsored by the Libyan President. This is a misrepresentation and for several reasons:

– Logic: To kill 10,000 people a month, you must be able to kill 300 to 400 every day. Hitler only succeeded, but he needed several crematoria facilities.

– The No Fly Zone was established because to kill as such, Gaddafi would have used fighter jets that normally fly at an altitude of 5,000 meters and a speed of 1,000 km / h. Unless dropping an atomic bomb, these aircrafts for as special as they are, they could not achieve such a feat.

– For the wounded, their numbers in all countries of the world provided by hospital sources. In the optimal management of a hospital, it is expected about 10 to 20 seats free to host impromptu event. For the 55,000 wounded, with 20 per hospital, hospitals should be 2750 to accommodate all the injured Libyans and even using all hospitals in Africa (about 1230) we never make it. Those who have validated these figures knew they were grossly wrong.

– The photos released of the alleged massacre came from “Sidi Hamed Cemetery, a cemetery and saw a great renewal of normal operation of ground displacement with human remains, very usual and common practice in the world to Jewish traditions for Muslim-Christian make room for more dead every 10 or 20 years depending on the country.

– Origin of the information. The Chinese philosopher Mo Tzu (479-381 BCE) wrote that to check the veracity of information, one must first identify its source and ask what are the avowed reasons and hidden agendas of those who you communicate information. Where came the information? rebels, it’s natural! But released without condition by Al Jazeera television channel owned by the Emir of Qatar. Coincidentally, this small country is the only Arab country that participates in dropping bombs on the heads of Libyans. Coincidence rather disturbing.

To date, several months after the alleged massacre, we still have not a shred of conclusive evidence. This did not prevent the arrest warrant of attorney the International Criminal Court (ICC) Luis Moreno-Ocampo, who was vigilant to threaten Gbagbo for the 7 women killed in Abobo March 8, 2011, but completely silent at the time of facts and amnesiac today to the 1,200 deaths in Duékoué Ouattara (according to the ICRC and Caritas) and that in the presence of French troops of the Unicorn and that of ONUCCI.

Mr. Moreno-Ocampo did not see fit to make the slightest movement of earth Jamahiriya to verify these allegations. No matter, request the termination of a Chief of African non-compliant has become the only reason that justifies the existence of the ICTY.


When in 2006, Gaddafi meets the African Ministers of the Interior to offer them a unique identity card with a common coding for all Africa to facilitate the movement of Africans across the continent without excessive red tape, all present were happy and enthusiastic guide Libyan project. But on their return a phone call to Paris, another in London and now the idea was not good for some countries that have quickly relayed the propaganda that if the measure into effect, Libya would have colonized other African countries. As the highest pitch comes the fact that the illegal immigrants in Libya come 99% of the times from countries that had refused the Libyan proposal.

Moreover, for reasons of internal security, no country in the world can not passively watch its territory that will become the gateway of the people they are unable to identify. In Libya, there is the same law is in force in all African countries, the crime of hiding to foreigners without residence permits valid.

Finally, for all Africans have a minimum sense of discernment, it is clear that the destiny of the African youth is not one to turn to the illusion of a hypothetical European paradise to occupy the bottom of the ladder of social class in the West. The purpose for which it is worth fighting is the dream of Africa. Africa must be dreaming Africans, so they have the serenity and enthusiasm necessary to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

In conclusion, Gaddafi accused of not allowing illegal immigrants to travel freely within its territory is to demonstrate an inability to understand the complex issues that surround us.


One reason to bomb Libya is the Libyan Leader has spent too many years in power (42 years). The longevity record of politicians in power is not owned by Gaddafi, let alone by Africans but by Westerners. Consider four examples of four countries that bombed Libya for him to export their model of democracy:

USA: Former member of the Ku Klux Klan, Robert Byrd, who acknowledged in his memoirs in 2005 that it had orchestrated a move to the U.S. Congress in 1964 to delay the law on the civil rights of blacks, served on the U.S. Senate so uninterrupted for 56 years. Born November 20, 1917, and member of the Democratic Party and senator from West Virginia, he will sit in the Congress of the United States from January 1959 to his death on June 28, 2010. It’s been 63 years in total by adding the 6 years he spent in the House of Representatives, where he entered 20 January 1953 when President Harry Truman ceded his place at the White House to Dwight Eisenhower, and he does is left only to cause death, under President Obama. Before him, Mr. Senator Carl Hayden has been for 56 years and 319 days, from 1912 to 1969. And many others. Knowing that a U.S. senator is 10 times more powerful than an African head of state, this gives an idea of ​​the depth of political longevity.

In France, Louis Philippon was mayor of Juvigny in Aisne, for 69 years (from 1929 to 1998), Philippe La-Moissonnière Cauvin, was mayor of La Fontelaye Seine-Maritime for 63 years from 1945 to 2008. Hubert Andigné, was mayor for 59 years in the Champ-de-la-Pierre in the Orne department from 1946 to 2005. Roger Senie 90 year old is now the mayor of La Bastide de Bousignac in the Ariege, a position he has held since October 1947, that is to say 64 years, perhaps until 2014 Does he run for another term. Land of the French revolution, there will he a candidate to beat? It’s the same case for Mr. Arthur Richier, aged 89 years and mayor of Faucon-du-Caire in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, from 1947 to date. Who is crazy? The system or the voter?

Pierre Abelin (1909-1977), French politician who will combine the functions of a minister in four governments, Schumann in 1947 to Chirac in 1974, Member of Parliament from 1945 to 1974, Mayor of Chatellerault (from 1959 until his death in 1977). And when he died, he was replaced as mayor by his wife, because his son Jean-Pierre Abelin who is only 27 years old needs time to take dad’s legacy and kick ass: so it is handle just one year later and became a member of Vienna from 1978 to today, General Counsel from 1977 to today, Vice President of the General Council from 1982 to today. And since 2008 he added to all these powers, the post of Mayor of this city. What served the French Revolution? What would have happened if the saga had been spent in an African family? We have simply concluded that Africans cling to power. That the details of this system to the Democratic dynasty of French bombs being used to export to Libya;

Roselyne Bachelot, the current Minister for Solidarity and Social Cohesion 23 years (1988) took over from his father Jean Narquin had been for 20 years member of the Maine-et-Loire from 1968 to 1988. As this is not enough to buy up all of Dad’s legacy, she has been seeking to add a new function: Mayor of Angers. His son Pierre Bachelot born in 1970 entered parliament at the age of 22 years as an assistant mom. The little genius to accompany the mother and son Parliamentary advised when Mom became successively Minister of Ecology in 2002 and Minister of Health in 2007. This is the year that the young Peter will regain its autonomy to 37 years, since it will be appointed to a position created especially for him by Mom at INPE (National Institute of Prevention and Health Education) with 140 staff, despite his training in “private art”. She is not beautiful democracy in the country of the French Revolution? It must quickly be exported to Libya.

In Italy, Giulio Andreotti was elected in 1946 and today (65 years) he votes as a senator for life. As he had no strength to the campaign, he was named senator for life “. He has combined his duties as a member and President of the Italian Council, a position he has held seven times in 20 years, from February 17, 1972 to April 24, 1992. Meanwhile, his party’s “Christian Democracy” has remained in power without interruption from 1946 to 1992, that is to say 46 years. And will be swept away by justice for corruption “Operation Clean Hands.” For comparison, the party of Gaddafi has only 42 years in power in Libya.

In the UK, the situation is catastrophic when it does not mean longevity of Elizabeth II is Queen of 16 independent countries since 1952. In 1942 only 16 she was already named chief of the army and reviewed the troops. Ranked by Forbes, Fortune 214th World alone deserves to be born, it cost the British the $ 43 million per year. And if Gaddafi would become the king of Libya? What would have happened if Qaddafi had established an emirate with his family, like Qatar, which participates in the bombing? What would they say if the marriage of a son of Qaddafi had declared a holiday, immobilized whole nation? Exactly as happened in London for the wedding of Prince William and Kate April 29, 2011?? France24 television has calculated the cost of this statutory holiday to 6 billion euros in the British employers. This madness that wants to export democracy in Libya has cost the town hall in London 22 million for security alone. Meanwhile, the tuition per year in the British public universities have increased by 3 (from 3900 to 10,700 euros). Canada, which remains a colony must pay 50 million Canadian dollars per year to support the British royal family, during this time according to Statistics Canada, tuition fees at Canadian universities increased between 1996 and 2002, for example in the province of Ontario, 141% for the Faculty of Law, 241% to 315% of medicine and dentistry. And we may well ask how can they claim to compete with China on intellectual specialties in penalizing the acquisition of specialized knowledge, for their youth. The queen is larger.

In Africa, to date, no African politician has beaten the record of inconsistency, at any level of politics. Moreover, what is required of a politician is his record why this would it not apply to the Libyan president? But to get an idea of ​​his political record for his country, you just ask the question why there is never one too many on the Libyan capital which boats stranded on the Italian coast of Lampedusa? Why the Libyans did not they flee their country? But also, if this evil dictator Qaddafi is, why is the African country which has the largest number of foreigners? Nationals of the USA, France, UK, they feel better in Qatar or Libya? And what about the fact that the Libyan flag of rebellion is that of royalty. It is as if the rebel flag waving French today the kings of France, that is to say that Westerners are at war in Libya to carry back 43 years, from a republic was it imperfectly, to a royalty, provided that the new king is docile, and that oil money that banks meet him show he can be sure that he held the belt across the West.


The CNT is a creation of France. This is the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, who himself has told reporters his many trips to encourage Libyans to get rid of Qaddafi. It was he who told us that a movement was born. He always gave us the name of CNT, we say that it is composed of 35 members, worse than outside 3 or 4 of its members all the other 30 wanted to remain anonymous. When Mr. Levi informed the world that Gaddafi used the blacks that came from black Africa, paid a pittance, no one had previously thought to explain that the tribes of southern Libya are composed primarily of Black populations therefore found at all positions in the Libyan government. Indeed, unlike France, many Libyans ambassadors around the world are Black, Blacks Libyans. Racism can lead to blindness. Henri Levy’s mistake was based on the design of racist Europeans of the 19th century tends to separate the African people of Arab descent and blacks based on a hierarchy of cultural values ​​of each other. They come together to forget the black minority presence throughout North Africa from Morocco to Egypt. It is always our philosophy that Mr. Sarkozy has promised that the war would not last more than three days because, he told reporters, “Gaddafi’s army is composed of 300 men shabby ill-equipped. Bernard Henri Levy, as we recall the Russian news agency RIA-Novosti, was mistaken in the same way in 1999, after the attack against Dagestan Shamil Basayev, Levy had recommended the West to recognize the authority of terrorist Maskhadov in Chechnya. The latter will be slaughtered by the FSB (Russian secret service) March 8, 2005. Levy will be repeated to still be wrong in summer 2008, to encourage Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to launch a suicidal war against Russia. The rest we know. The worst of the ridiculous in all this is that it still does not understand that politics is a science and like any science it takes time to know the principles and mechanisms to avoid mistakes on issues the most basic of international politics, especially when encouraged peaceful protesters to take up arms and start a war.

Recently, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the end of the Biafran War, the bloodiest in Africa, with approximately 2,000,000 deaths, the Swiss public radio RSR has proposed new documents, dug into the archives the ICRC, the International Red Cross is headquartered here in Geneva. The testimonies were the interviews conducted 40 years ago to the various leaders of this organization that explained how the ICRC took advantage of its neutral status to transport weapons to help the victory of France in this war supposedly for the independence of Biafra, people that were trapped and a decision taken in Paris who was desperate to have her also as the British oil emirate in Kuwait or Qatar. The most nightmarish revelation of these archives was for me to discover that the two million dead, half of which was unnecessary deaths, sacrificed to prevent Paris from losing face, as we reveal the leader of the ICRC, a year before the end of the war, everyone knew she was lost, but Paris and the ICRC continued to provide Biafrans new weapons while telling them they were winning.

Exactly the same scenario today in Libya. It was believed easily win a war in 3 days, 3rd month with no progress, despite the 1,000,000 euros per day it costs to France this war (figure provided by the French Minister of Defence), it continues NO FLY ZONE bombing the offices, schools and hospitals Libyan as if they were flying. And as these acts of terror do not work, we return to the recipe was born in the Biafran war: its use of NGOs to invoke a genocide, invoke the International Criminal Court and even though we know that it will not work, whatever, it is better to kill all Libya, rather than having the courage to recognize it was wrong and we lost the war.

For African scholars, the debate is not that of the CNT support Gaddafi cons or cons support the CNT Gaddafi, but on the principle of international justice that is now skewed by a number of Western countries, we know, because it is always the same people who sat at the table of the Berlin conference in 1884 to decide the fate of Africa without the Africans, who now humiliate the African Union and all its decisions, and assumes the right to choose their place of Africans destiny. When the presidents of three Western countries (USA, France, UK) are paying a forum in newspapers in several countries to announce that Qaddafi is not a good leader to Libya, I think it’s an insult the intelligence of Africans. Yesterday our parents and ancestors were indeed primitive who understood nothing of what happened to them, but now we have studied in the same schools, we have tamed the same knowledge that the world and we continue to look down, down as eternal slaves, is a serious fault of Westerners that it is for us in Africa and not correct to second by our guilty silence. We must make history, ours and no longer suffer. As we are not telling the Americans, British or French is better to guide their destiny is up to us to fight for them no longer interfere in the process of forming our own democracy was imperfect it and blameworthy, and as it is a process, even the failures are positive assets for use in the improvement that is characteristic of adaptation for the survival of all living species.

The Libyan revolution has sadly been stopped in its tracks the day the western interference became palpable in the crisis in that country. Gaddafi appeared to put the strings by natural events in the process of improving the human race was miraculously delivered sealed by the interference of France who have committed a serious strategic mistake to turn a peaceful demonstration in armed rebellion. And the recipe for armed rebellion may well have worked in Côte d’Ivoire, but not necessarily elsewhere.


Ignorance is the real danger that plagues the African youth and prevents an effective awareness of the challenges that lie ahead. Help reduce this ignorance that is already doing something. For it is because people are conscious of their weight and value they may claim their leaders conduct more rigorous, respectful of their interests. In ignorance, there is no awareness and everyone does what he wants, because nobody asked him to account. The handling system of the African masses by the West has dealt a blow to the sanctity normal democratic process in Africa since the alibi conspiracy of whites freed quickly in the eyes of the people all the excesses of their leaders. Do not undergo this operation guarantees that Africans will make a balance between the leaders and those poor brave.

It came to us the time to say “Enough is Enough,” enough is enough. But to do so, we must solve this problem of ignorance which is dipped in the majority of our brothers and sisters who have trial as the result of this maneuver like children they are victims. What I did is I hope that the beginning of this new battle that every African must now own and then all together, we must be able to demand that the policy is stringent enough to eventually heal our interests and not exclusively those of the West against the us.

We are a billion Africans. We must be able to put pressure on our leaders to make that part of Africa to become world champion of natural rights of human beings (men and women) and also to uphold our interests in all international commitments that our high officials often ignore despite their multiple degrees.

It pleases me to conclude with two thoughts:

A) “African countries are encouraged to division, so that foreign powers could establish their dominance. Africa must unite in one state like the United States of America, with one army, one economy, one currency. “Muammar Gaddafi (convinced follower of Marcus Garvey Pan-Africanism) – excerpt from the interview with France24 and Radio France Internationale (RFI) July 6, 2010.

B-”the traitors of Marcus Garvey (August 17, 1887, St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica-10 June 1940, London)

In the struggle to rise, the oppressed are still handicapped by those of them who betray their own race, that is to say, by men of little faith, and all those who take bribes and accept sell the rights to their own brothers.

Neither do we, members of the black race, are not totally immune from this kind of problem. If I express my inner thoughts, I would even say that we are afflicted more than any other race, because we do not have the training and preparation necessary to occupy our rightful place among the peoples and nations the world. In other races, the role of traitor is generally limited to the individual poor and irresponsible. The traitors of the black race, unfortunately, most of the time, people in high places through education and social position, even those who assume the title of leaders. Nowadays, indeed, any individual, or almost, trying his luck as a leader of the race, begins to settle, as a pet, in favor of a philanthropist of another race: he will see, denigrates his race in the vilest terms, humiliates pride of man, and thus gains the sympathy of the “great benefactor” who dictates what to do in his role as leader of the black race. In general, “Go tell your people to be humble and submissive; tell them to be good servants, obedient and loyal to their master. If you teach them what kind of doctrine, you can always count on me to give you $ 1000 or $ 5000 a year of income, to your journal and the institution you represent. I will recommend to my friends as a good man without problems. “

Reacting to these reviews, and a promise of patronage, the black leader will guide it usually hapless masses. He told us all the best of Mr. Doe, telling us how much we have good friends in the other race, and ensures that everything will be fine provided that recovers completely to him. Here’s the kind of leadership that we suffer from a half-century. I do not see nothing but treachery and betrayal of the worst kind.

If the man who puts his country in trouble is a traitor, who sold off the rights of his race is not something else. As we will not be established as a nation of 400 million men (in 1910), and we will not have made it clear to those who have placed our heads that we are angry and disgusted, as we will not set ourselves a leader to whom we will fulfill our commitments, we will be unable to leave the mire of degradation and raise us towards freedom, prosperity and human esteem. ” Marcus Garvey (father of the concept of Pan-Africanism, Garvey was a fearless fighter against the humiliation inflicted on the population of black skin has 1500 years of Arab and European slavery)

Geneva 25 May 2011

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NB: Jean-Paul Pougala is a writer, economist and political scientist Cameroon, Director of the Institute of Geostrategic and Professor at the Geneva School of Diplomacy Geneva, Switzerland.


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