Libya: joint declarations of foreign ministers

Foreign Ministers Fabius, Steinmeier, Gentiloni, García-Margallo, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Hammond, and Secretary of State Kerry welcome the resumption of the Libyan political dialogue under the auspices of Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) Bernardino Leon in Morocco April 15 and the next meeting of the political parties in Algeria April 13. We strongly urge all participants to the dialogue to negotiate in good faith and use this opportunity to finalize agreements on the formation of a National Unity Government and make arrangements for an unconditional ceasefire. Only through compromise can Libya move toward a more secure, stable, and prosperous future.

We urge all parties to stop the fighting and expect Libya’s leaders to fully support SRSG Bernardino Leon and to engage in the UN-facilitated political dialogue. In particular, we call for the immediate cessation of airstrikes and ground offensives. Such provocations undermine the UN talks and threaten chances for reconciliation. We reaffirm that those who threaten the peace, stability or security of Libya, or undermine the successful completion of its political transition may be designated by the UN sanctions committee. Now is the time for all groups in Libya to move forward in a spirit of compromise. Further delay in reaching a political agreement only deepens the schisms in Libyan society and emboldens those who seek to profit from the ongoing conflict.

The growing threat of terrorism in Libya is of grave concern to the international community. Extremists use the lack of order to their advantage, causing further suffering and bloodshed both inside and outside Libya. We urge the parties to the UN-facilitated dialogue to come together and form a united front both to confront terrorists and to address the root of the problem in a coherent manner, including by offering a vision of a peaceful, stable, and prosperous Libya and by providing essential services to the Libyan people. The international community is prepared to fully support a unity government in addressing Libya’s challenges.




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