Kenya: tight security for Obama’s grandmother


Presidential candidate Barrack Obama’s home in Kenya is now being heavily guarded by the Kenyan police.

The Kenyan government has set up a police post in the compound of Obama’s grandmother where his father was buried.

Obama’s grandmother Sarah Obama is being guarded by 20 heavily armed Kenyan police officers in her rural home – Kogelo village – about 500 kilometres from Nairobi.

Barack Obama, the US presidential candidate traces his roots in Kenya’s Kogelo village, Siaya district, where his late father Barack Obama senior was born, brought up and buried. The US democratic candidate has on several occassions visited the rural remote village to greet his grandmother. He is also known to interact freely with villagers and people he meets during his past visits.


There has been increased popularity of the village after Obama’s win to contest the presidential seat on the democratic ticket after the primaries in the US democratic party nominations.

Last week,  there was a failed robbery attempt at Sarah Obama’s home prompting the Kenyan government to set up a police post at her home compound. Many kenyans believe that the robbery attempt is as a result of Obama’s win in the primaries and the increased popularity of Obama’s grandmother whom the thieves thought she is getting a lot of money from her grandson in the US.

Majority of Kenyans strongly believe Obama will be the next US president after winning the democratic ticket. They also see him as their son tracing his roots in Kenya.

By Ken Chelimo
east africa correspondent

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