July 5th is Cape Verde's independence day: songs

Like we said everyone wanted to get independent in June and July. It’s also Cape Verde’s independence today.

We know young Cape Verdeans want to protest tonight since there’s not much to celebrate. Doesn’t mean they don’t like music and not sure what’s the soundtrack to their revolution, but’s here some of the Cape Verdean sounds.

The pop of Cordas dos Sol:


Beto Dias:


Mo Kalamity:

Oh, and since Cape Verde is probably the only African nation where more of its citizens live outside the home country, especially on the US East Coast, we had to include the diaspora. Like the very political Paris-based rap group MC Malcriado (they’re a group of MC’s with Cape Verdean roots). Their 2009 song “Viva Amilcar Cabral” celebrate the leader of the independence movement:




Source: africasacountry.com

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