Global Africa Youth Dialogue Starts in Rome, Italy

The Global Africa Youth Dialogue is an intergenerational dialogue that was initiated to advocate for diaspora African youth engagement in the continent’s development agendas, policy and decision-making process.

Last 8 June 2022 this Dialogue took place for the first time at the Centro Studi Americano in Rome, Italy, and was held as an open moderated panel discussion composed of Embassies of African countries in Italy, CEOs, Professors, Researchers, African diaspora and friends of Africa, Focusing on the role of African youth in transforming Africa into a global powerhouse.

Global Africa Youth Dialogue was founded by Humuza Gisa Roick, a Pan Africanist, Youth Activist and a Rwandan pursuing his education in Global Governance at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Aligned with the African Youth Charter adopted on 02 July 2006 and AU agenda 2063 “we are highly convinced that Africa’s greatest resource is its youthful population and that through its active and full participation, Africans can surmount the difficulties that lie ahead ” he said.

Actions count now – Roick stressed during his opening remark – African youth in the diaspora can play a central role in development and growth, they need to be invested in, given opportunities to be engaged and fully active in development plans across the continent. Our Generation is curious and passionate to learn, explore knowledge and navigate possible solutions that can benefit our continent and the world amicably. Here is why we are here now, the Africa we want is where we value the core concerns of its Youth

Humuza Gisa Roick, Founder and president of Global Africa Youth Dialogue
Pan Africanist, Youth Activist and a Rwandan pursuing his education in Global Governance at the University of Rome Tor Vergata

The first guest speaker, ambassador Salah S. Hammad, touched upon the continental framework AU agenda 2063 and the strategies that are being implemented to achieve it. Specifically, Ambassador Salah highlighted the steps being taken by the African Union to establish youth facilitation mechanisms including AU Youth Engagement Strategy (YES), the African passport in order to ease the youth mobility across the continent. As in regards to the engagement, the ambassador concluded his speech by inspiring the youth to actively participate in the AU agenda implementation and not stay in the corner for they have a role in building Africa.

Ambassador Salah S. Hammad, Senior Human Rights Expert in the Department of Political Affairs of African Union Commission

Mrs Gwendy Omijeh, Minister of Political and Economic affairs, Embassy of the federal republic of Nigeria mentioned how the strength of the youth in Africa is not only in numbers but also in the motivation they get wherever they are. She used Nigeria as an example to explain the importance of creating an environment for young people to thrive. In her conclusion, Mrs Gwendy also mentioned the importance of youth engagement in building Africa and the tremendous progress African countries have made in increasing youth participation.

Mrs Gwendy Omijeh, Minister of political and economic affairs, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

H.E ambassador Kombo of the United Republic of Tanzania to Italy, first addressed the challenges in the African education system. His main emphasis was on the extreme importance given to a pass mark in academic exams, for African students, rather than in acquiring knowledge in their specific fields. The possible solution for this, as Mr Kombo said, would be about rethinking our education system and shaping it in a proper way. He also communicated the need of having the appropriate practical approach and closing the entrepreneurship gap for Africa to thrive and evolve.
In addition, the ambassador challenged the youth to plan actions needed to achieve the 2006 Africa Youth charter at the end of the dialogue as a step to come forward.

Ambassador Mahmoud Thabit Kombo, The Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania in Italy

The CEO of Fondazione Aurora, reminded the African diaspora of their responsibility in developing their continent by using competent skills and exposure they acquired in the international environment. Adopting use of technology and available opportunities to transform Africa into a global powerhouse.

Mrs Marta Sachy, CEO of Fondazione Aurora

The dialogue was very interactive with insightful questions from different Rome based university students and other participants. The overall closure recapped the role of African youth to make Africa a global powerhouse through acknowledging our privileges, claiming what we want and being brave enough to reach out to our elders for insights.

Ms Maya Musenga, Mrs Marta Sachy, Ambassador Mahmoud Thabit Kombo, Mr Humuza Gisa Roick, Mrs Gwendy Omijeh, Ms Ada ugo Abara

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