Ghana-Riace: the experience of Danaevo

Danaevo is a citizen from Ghana. He lives in Riace, near Reggio Calabria (south Italy) since two and a half months.

As other asylum seekers, he is part of the ‘Città futura’ (Future city) project ( In the video embedded below he says that everything is ok although he cannot find a job

With camera and microphone switched off, he adds that he lives in Riace with his wife and kids and, beside them, he has to help his sick mother back in Ghana and other people of his family.

The ‘Città futura’ project allowed the country of Riace to stop people from Calabria from going abroad, loosing in this way its own identity, traditional jobs and ways of life.

Asylum seekers, and among them the Africans, had the opportunity to find a job and a house to live. If they don’t work in the agriculture fields, they helped Riace refurbish its way of life and its traditional jobs. Beside asylum seekers, jobs has always been open to people from Calabria.

Danaevo from Ghana speaks about his experience in Riace

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