Festivaletteratura opens with 'Africans in Europe'

Africans of Europe / Africans in Europe” is the title of the meeting held this morning in the Episcopal Seminary of Mantua. This event opened the two days organized by Lettera27 foundation and WikiAfrica Literature within the Italian literature event Festivaletteratura 2009.

The hall was full and there was a strong participation of the public especially when a man has put forward questions about writers’ nationality.

“Even if you speak perfect Spanish you’re not Spanish nor Catalan,” said a man talking to Najat El Hachmi who replied that her mother tongue is Catalan and that she learned Arabic only when she was 20.

Beside Najat El Hachmi, the writer’s panel included Jadelin M. Gangbo and Chika Unigwe, coordinated by Igiaba Scego and Paola Splendore.

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