DR Congo: 10 people dead in diamond mine accident

At least 10 miners died in the collapse of a mine of diamonds in the center of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the Italian news agency Ansa reports.

Local sources explain that the victims are all miners who extracted for the company Miba and they could be more than 10, the same Italian press agency reports.

Bodies recovered so far are 6. According to a Congolese trade union of miners, there are at least 18 workers buried by the landslide.

Reuters news agency reports: “There are 10 dead so far. Six bodies have so far been dug out,” said Joseph Nkongolo, mayor of Mbuji-Mayi, the capital of Congo’s diamond-rich Eastern Kasai province.

Jean-Marie Kabuya, head of a local miners’ union, told U.N.-supported Radio Okapi on Thursday that 18 people had disappeared in the cave-in and were believed to be dead.


Sources: Ansa, Reuters

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