Diski dancers fly off to Vietnam to show off their moves

Joburg’s young Diski dancing experts are in Vietnam this week to show off South African spirit and culture ahead of the World Cup.

The 14 young dancers and a choreographer will perform the Diski dance and other traditional and modern dances in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi for Freedom Day celebrations this week.

After Joburg’s annual New Year’s carnival, organisers from each of the city’s seven regions were asked to select their two most talented dancers for the trip.

The group will represent all parts of the city and the diverse people of South Africa.

“These are ordinary kids from our communities who are very talented, and if you don’t do programmes like this, you would never know it,” said Velli Triegaardt, from the City of Joburg’s community development department.

Siya Yengeni, a 17-year-old from Roodepoort, was one of the first to arrive in Newtown on Friday morning before the group set off for the airport.

Flanked by his family, he said he was excited to represent South Africa in Vietnam.

The trip also marked a first for Tumi Sefolo from Alexandra, who had never been on a plane before.

She wasn’t nervous about her Vietnam dancing debut because she has already represented her nation in Mozambique.

From what she has seen in pictures, she thinks Vietnam won’t be too different from her home country.

“It’s great exposure for them,” said Zoleka Dantabani of Joburg’s community development department.

The programme is part of an arrangement between Joburg and Ho Chi Minh City to facilitate cultural and economic exchanges between the two cities.

Source: www.thestar.co.za

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