Creating the blackness of Africa – documentary


(A documentary in the making)

“The continent of Africa was the cradle of human life. Each stage in the development of humankind can be traced in the African record. The ancient civilization of Egypt flourished there. In the classical world of Greece and Rome, Africa was regarded as a source of wisdom. Many great yet viable kingdoms and states once thrived on the African continent. Much of South and Central Africa’s history took place in comparative isolation from the rest of the world, while sub-Saharan Africa traded with the North Mediterranean and North East Africa traded with the Middle East and with India. European attitudes towards Africa changed with the Christianization of Europe so that by the Middle Ages, Africa became associated with darkness and heathen religious practices,” History Of Africa – New World Encyclopaedia.

This 30 minutes video is a reaction to the view of many that Africans are black people, as though the purported blackness of Africa and Africans were convincing enough to stand as the identity of the African people. This is been carefully executed by examining how some western scholars and politicians have managed to use the black colour in corrupting, not only the history of Africa but also the identity of the same (African) people. Having consulted with different scholars, both Africans and the Europeans alike, this documentary is aimed at demonstrating that what is generally understood as black colour is grossly insufficient to describe the visible (phenotypic) characteristics of an African, let alone defining who he really is as a person.

To further clarify the argument, we decided to trace the blackness of Africa to where it does make some sense – within the geopolitical sphere and therefore the true resonance of the term: “political Blackness of Africa”. This was to show that such loose expressions as “Black Race”, “White Race” really do not exist. Especially that what has become accepted as either Black or White race cannot be proved to be black or white within the scientific, cultural or genetic parameters. It’s of course needless extending the argument to include such categories as, “Red Race”, supposedly in America and “Yellow Race” in Asian?

In fact, it should be important to note that among some westerners (only few years ago), the Chinese people were called the Small Yellows, but now that China has become a major world economic power and by extension a political power, the Chinese people have simply become Chinese. The question is: “if Chinese were truly a yellow people some years ago, what is the convincing explanation that they are no longer yellow today?”

The truth been told; the Chinese, just like the Africans, were never qualified as people of colours; they never were. They have long evolved as the people that they are, and they have established their own human identity, beyond the superficialities of colours. That they were later shrouded in the flawed philosophy of colours, as their identity was simply and solely to relegate them and at the same time help justify their human exploitation.

In this documentary therefore, we are trying to separate the illusion from reality – differentiate between DARKNESS and AFRICA and the DARK CONTINENT from the AFRICAN CONTINENT because they are not interchangeable.


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