Business secretary course for immigrant women opens in Rome

A business secretary course for women immigrated in Italy from extra EU countries opened in Rome. The course, which is free for women willing to enroll, is managed by “Migra in Coop”, a service of the company  Service Lazio 2000.

“Migra in coop is a service dedicated to immigrants and businesses. This is one of the activities of Service Lazio 2000, a company that I am part of. Immigrant women will not have to pay anything for this course that will make them business secretary”, Alessia Mescia, manager of Migra in Coop, said.

Service Lazio 2000 is a company of cooperative Lega Coop Lazio for business courses. Lately it launched some services for immigrants. Among them there are 3 Italian language course for immigrants and 2 workshop for “new business ventures” for immigrants.

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