African businessmen meets in Lisbon

The first panel of African bankers

The forum on African Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has begun today in Lisbon, Portugal. The forum is organised by Emrc and Afdb, the African Development Bank.

The first session of the meeting has been focused on the financing needs of the SMEs.

The panelists were:

    Evelyn Oputu, Bank of Industry, Nigeria,
    Fabian Kasi, Centenary bank, Uganda
    James Mwangi, Equity bank, Kenya
    Tony Okpanachi, Ecobank, Kenya

Evelyn Oputu stressed the importance of trust and reliability in giving credit for business investments. “Nobody can afford to lend money to somebody who then walk away with it”, Oputu said.

Fabian Kasi, of Centenary bank, said that the Catholic Church play an important role in the economy of Uganda financing different development projects.

Right now the second session is about to finish. The last one was concentrated on innovation for the financing of enterprises.

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