AFRICA24 MEDIA and its broadcast partners are proud to debut the talk show everyone is talking about: Salim Amin’s THE SCOOP! This continent’s most dynamic men and women join Salim every week to share their secrets of success, advice to their African brothers and sisters, and something that few people know.



A Young Global Leader, one of Africa’s most influential people, and son of famed journalist Mohamed Amin, Salim has spent the last two decades traveling across the continent, meeting our movers and shakers, getting to know them and their stories. Now he’s going to let the rest of us in on their tales of adventure and achievement. And he will also provide us with a glimpse of their more playful sides.

Kicking off the inaugural show is Jeff Koinange, renowned international journalist, who has a past that might surprise you. From entertainment superstars like Akon and Jude Law, to entrepreneurs Sophia Bekele and Kris Senanu, business mogul Dr. Manu Chandaria and even Kenya’s Chief Justice, Dr. Willy Mutunga, the best and brightest of our continent are having coffee and telling their stories to Salim. Guests from Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania and more, make up Season One.

AFRICA24 MEDIA is the Pan African, international quality production house, telling stories of Africa’s unique and special people, places and happenings. It was only a matter of time before we roped our Chairman into showing off his friends and acquaintances to further highlight where our great continent is going and who is going to lead us there.

Starting the first week of October, THE SCOOP will be seen in Africa and internationally on TV Continental, VoxAfrica and WBS Uganda, with over a dozen other African broadcasters around the continent receiving the Show from our distribution partners Canal France International (CFI). This represents a potential viewership of over 150 million people, across four continents. On-line THE SCOOP will be seen on websites boasting over 15 million viewers daily, including,, and

Don’t miss out on the fun, great insights and inside information. Join Salim Amin each and every week to meet Africa’s greatest achievers, learn from their successes and incredible journeys, take home some great tips on getting ahead, and of course, find out THE SCOOP!

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