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On the 18th September, 2008 the words ‘An African Voice Telling the African Story’ rang true when A24 Media was launched as the first Pan-African online media agency for video, pictures and text. The main objective was to tell our African story to the world and maintain our position as the number one source for high quality content on African issues, for both a local and global audience.

This objective has not changed and has been the company’s overall mandate throughout its progression. By partnering with the likes of Al Jazeera, ITN Source, BBC, and PEOPLE TV, to name but a few, A24 Media has grown to become the premier source of information with unique content.

Africa is a beautiful continent and is often referred to as ‘the motherland’, and has been hailed as the cradle of mankind. It is a continent imbued with cultural diversity and unique value systems handed down over centuries that spread from the Sahara desert to the Cape of Good Hope. Despite our diversity, we share a common bond – the problems affecting our beloved Continent. Africa: What’s Your Story is the latest and most exciting A24 Media project to date and seeks to highlight the common problems that the people of Africa share.

Asif Sheikh, the CEO and Co-Founder of A24 Media, stresses the fact that Africans need to unite in fighting the war against corruption and many other forms of human rights abuse. “We as Africans need to wake up. We need to work together in making Africa a success story. We need to fight off our ignorance and understand what our brothers and sisters are going through. We need to get vocal and express our anger and frustrations. We need to create awareness and educate the world about Africa. Only then can we move forward. By creating Africa: What’s Your Story, we are giving you a voice to tell your story to the rest of the world.”

Africa: What’s Your Story is a platform that seeks to promote transparency and hold individuals and organizations accountable for their actions. Through this interactive social forum, Africans have been given the opportunity to unite in empathy for each other as we share ideas and solutions to our problems. Do you have a story to tell? Tell us? What’s your story? http://www.a24media.com/whatsyourstory


Source: A24media press release

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