2500 names against migrants deportations in Libya

2500 people have already signed a call in Italy “against migrants’ deportations to Libya”, as stated in an email we just received.

Many people signed the petition, some of them are importante names of the entertainment industry, culture, cinema, theatre, both from Italy and elsewhere.

Among them: Dario Fo, Marco Paolini, Ascanio Celestini, Franca Rame, Marco Baliani, Gad Lerner, Emanuele Crialese, Erri De Luca, Felice Laudadio, Fausto Paravidino, Francesco Munzi, Goffredo Fofi, Francesca Comencini, Giuseppe Cederna, Luca Bigazzi, Maddalena Bolognini, Giorgio Gosetti, Gianfranco Pannone, Giovanni Piperno, Giovanna Taviani, Alessandro Rizzo,  Andrea Segre, Dagmawi Yimer, Riccardo Biadene, Stefano Liberti, Marco Carsetti, Alessandro Triulzi, Gabriele Del Grande, Igiaba Sciego ed altri 2500 firmatari da Italia, Francia, Germania, Spagna, Inghilterra, Tunisia, Marocco, Senegal, Mali and other countries.

More informations on http://comeunuomosullaterra.blogspot.com

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