South Africa: Zuma cracks down on ANC conspirators

26.September.2009 · Posted in politics

President Zuma revealed on on Monday that the ANC national executive committee had decided at the weekend to “develop a code of conduct on lobbying” as a way of stopping the currently raging succession battle, which he described as “premature” and “opportunistic”.

“The promotion of a succession debate so prematurely is a mischievous diversion that must be avoided at all costs. For the sake of the organisation, we might be forced to name and shame those individuals involved,” President Zuma said.

His warning came as the ruling party battled to put to rest a fresh leadership battle involving the ANC Youth League, COSATU, the South African Communist Party and various black business groups within the ANC over who should be elected into senior leadership positions at the next national conference.

President Zuma told thousands of delegates attending COSATU’S 10th national congress in Midrand on Monday [21 September] that the ANC NEC, which met on Friday and Saturday, had “dealt extensively” with claims that certain leaders were secretly campaigning for the removal of key officials from senior posts.

North Africa: Arab bank partnership

26.September.2009 · Posted in business

“Thanks to the agreement, SACE will use the International Bank to issue bonds to competitive market conditions in 15 countries where the bank operates through its subsidiaries”, Italian website Milano Finanza ( reports.

SACE has finalized a partnership agreement with Europe Arab Bank to support the business of Italian firms in the Middle East and North Africa.


America-Africa: summit to boost cooperation – TerraViva

25.September.2009 · Posted in business

This Saturday and Sunday 26 and 27 September 2009 leaders from Africa and South America will meet in “Isla Margarita, Venezuela, to boost cooperation in a score of areas with potential for greater bi-regional exchange”, IPS TerraViva reports.

Africa “has linked up as a region and has sought cooperation collectively, mostly with the European Union, but in recent years also with China, India, Russia, Iran and, of course, South America, where it is finding open doors because of the new progressive governments,” Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister for Africa, Reinaldo Bolívar, told IPS. 


Chief Anthony Enahoro and the Nigerian Nation

24.September.2009 · Posted in news

Chief Enahoro is one of the leaders of the Mega Summit Movement, organiser of the forth coming national summit on democracy, 1st of October in Abuja.

Nelson Mandela and JJ Rawlings are among the attendants. The aim is to merge several political parties in the country, to create a sizeable rival to the ruling People Democratic Party.

Enahoro was born on the 22nd of July, 1923 in Uromi, Edo State. He was one of the leading anti-colonial and pro-democracy activists in Nigeria, during the colonial era. He has an extensive career in press, politics and in the civil service, both in the pre and post independent Nigeria. In March 31, 1953, he became the first person to move a motion for independence of the Nigerian nation.


South Africa: Zuma and the new military commission

24.September.2009 · Posted in news

President Jacob Zuma has departed from his tough stance on soldiers belonging to unions, saying they “must belong to some association”.

President Zuma drew laughter and applause from the more than 4 000 delegates at COSATU’S 10th congress, which started On Monday when he said he was afraid unionised soldiers, would try to strike in a time of war.


Busacca gives the middle finger

24.September.2009 · Posted in sports

Busacca, middle finger to the fans

Three-match ban

The referee of the last Champions League final loses control in the Swiss Cup after repeated chorus of Baden supporters.

He reply badly, but a photographer got him on camera. Apologies are not enough and today (21 September 2009) the Swiss federation has stopped him for three days.

The italian website reports. Mentioning that the referee was one of the most “sure” to go to South Africa next year for the football World Cup.

South Africa: Zuma to visit Russia – amb. Makaraov

23.September.2009 · Posted in news

According to Russia’s ambassador Anatoly Makarov, SA president Jacob Zuma is set to visit Russia in April or May.

Russian ambassador to South Africa said this after a meeting hosted by Business Unity SA (BUSA) in Midrand on On Monday with the Participation of the Russia-SA Business Council.

The news appeared on the daily news bulletin of South Africa.

Ambassador Makarov said he was giving serious thought to the issue of improving air links between the two countries.