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Strugle veterans took centre stage at the Day of Reconciliation celebrations at Freedom Park in Pretoria, where President Jacob Zuma honoured those who fought for South Africa’s liberation.

The “forgotten heroes” were on Monday awarded a “token of gratitude”, which included a South African flag, and honoured for their selfless sacrifice.

The event was staged in two parts: the first, which started at 3am, was the culmination of a cleansing and healing process that Freedom Park has been engaged in over the past year with traditional leaders.

The second was the honouring of struggle war veterans from Gauteng.

The names of about 100 dead veterans were handed over to Freedom Park for verification and inscription on the Wall of Names. Despite the event being touted as a government function, a market had been set up at the entrance to the arena where guests could buy ANC memorabilia such as camouflage hats, shirts, tablecloths and DVDs.

Mr Zuma said this year’s Day of Reconciliation was dedicated to the forgotten heroes of the country’s liberation, the freedom fighters who left their homes and went into exile.

“When they left the comfort of their home and family, the only comfort they sought was merely that they could contribute to the dawn of the new South Africa.”

He acknowledged that the situation had become difficult for many former fighters after the initial homecoming celebrations.

“Soon they became forgotten heroes of the struggle. Many are known to live in abject poverty in a country they sacrificed so much for.”

Source: (www.thestar.co.za 20091217)

Festivalletteratura 2009 – Southafricans poets

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Southafrican poets showed all their talent last 12 settembre 2009 in Mantova, Italy, during the Literature Festival 2009 (www.festivaletteratura.it). They were cheered by a very warm, applauding crowd made by people of all ages.

These authors spoke about their origin stressing that everybody living in this planet Earth comes from Africa.

In this page you can find all the videos made by Africanews.it with two interviews to young author Maakomele Manaka and poet Gcina Mhlophe.

African baby found in London

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Audrey Kessie Nyano, a ghanaian girl 18-month old, has been found in London after she taken yesterday by an impostor from Walworth police station.
Audrey Kessie Nyanor
Here below we republish the news as appeared on the BBC website.

An 18-month old girl who police mistakenly allowed to be taken by an impostor from a station has been found.

Audrey Kessie Nyanor’s mother, Cynthia Boakye, 36, was arrested on Thursday in Southwark, south London, over alleged immigration offences.

A woman claiming she was a friend of Ms Boakye went to Walworth police station and took the toddler.

The child was found in Harlesden, north London. A woman, 31, has been arrested on suspicion of abduction.

A Met spokesman said officers were called at 1400 GMT by a member of the public and that the toddler and the 31-year-old woman were found 55 minutes later on Harlesden High Street.

The woman remains in police custody at a west London police station.

Another six people were arrested during the investigation. One has been released and the other five are bailed to return to south London police stations in February next year.

‘Great mistake’

The spokesman added: “While we are pleased to have found Audrey safe and well.

“We are working closely with colleagues in our Directorate of Professional Standards to investigate the circumstances surrounding this incident, to look at how it happened, and to ensure that any lessons are learned.

“In the meantime, the matter has also been voluntarily referred to the IPCC.”

Earlier, Audrey’s grandmother Agatha Owsuah, 54, of Peckham, south-east London, said the police made a “great mistake”.

She said Audrey’s mother should have been asked to confirm the woman’s identity before the toddler was handed over.

They should have asked for ID before handing over a human being to someone

Agatha Owsuah

“All the time in this country they check your identity,” she said.

“They ask for my ID when I take money from the bank, they ask for ID before you can get a job.

“They should have asked for ID before handing over a human being to someone.”

The child went missing after officers went to an address in Walworth to make inquiries about a man wanted for failing to appear at court.

He was not in, but police arrested Ms Boakye and took the pair to Walworth police station.

Mrs Owsuah said an officer asked her daughter who they could call to look after the toddler.

Phone call ‘overheard’

“Cynthia gave them a relative’s number but the officer would not let her call and went outside the room to make the phone call,” the grandmother said.

She thinks someone overheard that phone call and then came back to the police station pretending to be the relative and was given Audrey.

She said the woman who took Audrey gave a different address to the one the relative gave over the phone.

A police spokesman said: “The details she gave to police corresponded with the name of the woman Audrey’s mother had told police would pick up her daughter, and as a result she left the police station with the child.”

Mrs Owsuah’s husband, Eric Obeng, 48, said police arrested him and several other relatives and friends the day after Audrey was taken but later bailed them without charge.

He said: “They thought we had taken the child. Why would we do that?

“Why would we take our own child? The police were wasting time.”

Audrey’s mother was later released on bail.

The Metropolitan Police has begun an internal inquiry into what happened.

The life of Fela Anikulapo Kuti goes into Cinema

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flyer FELA DAY RJ by mariana mansur.“British artist-turned-director Steve McQueen has signed up to direct a biopic of Fela Kuti, the larger-than-life musician who created Afrobeat, inspired James Brown to make funk music, almost ran for the presidency of Nigeria, and at one point had 27 wives.

Variety reports that McQueen will also co-write the screenplay for Fela with Biyi Bandele. The film, partly based on Michael Veal’s book Fela: The Life and Times of an African Musical Icon, is announced at a time of renewed interest in the controversial Nigerian star – he is also the subject of a new Broadway musical,” Gaurdian.co.uk.

At anytime in the world media, Fela Anikulapo Kuti could have created a headline and surprise the audience with the power of his creativeness. Yet, his story had a simple beginning. He was born 15 October 1938 in Abeokuta, presently Ogun State, Nigeria. His mother, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti was a feminist activist in the anti-colonial movement. His father, Reverend Israel Oludotun Ransome-Kuti, was a Protestant minister and school principal. He was the first president of the Nigerian Union of Teachers.

Being sent to study medicine in London in 1958, Fela decided to study music instead, at the Trinity College of Music. He later set up his own revolution in the world of music. His Afrobeat, a fusion of jazz, highlife and the traditional African rhythms was not only popular in the whole of African continent; it equally had a strong impact in the world outside Africa.

In the words of ex-Beatle, Paul McCartney, “Fela Kuti’s band is the best band I’ve ever seen. When Fela and his band eventually began to play, after a long, crazy build-up, I just couldn’t stop weeping with joy. It was a very moving experience,” Broadway TV.fela kuti rules (grand avenue festival) by optionthis.

In Nigeria, Fela is a household name. From social/political, economy to religion, he was always there interpreting everything with his music. Fela repeatedly tormented the brutal military dictatorship in Nigeria, a process which completely destroyed the Nigerian integrity and thwarted its true growth as a country.

He was a good example of human struggle for freedom. Freedom, not just for himself and his family but also for the poor Nigerians whose pitiable situation he had described as ‘Suffering and Smiling’. He created his own republic ‘the Kalakuta Republic’ from where he was campaigning against the totalitarian government and the oppression of the Nigerian people.

“In 1977 Fela and the Afrika ’70 released the hit album Zombie, a scathing attack on Nigerian soldiers using the zombie metaphor to describe the methods of the Nigerian military. The album was a smash hit with the people and infuriated the government, setting off a vicious attack against the Kalakuta Republic, during which one thousand soldiers attacked the commune. Fela was severely beaten, and his elderly mother was thrown from a window, causing fatal injuries.

The Kalakuta Republic was burned, and Fela’s studio, instruments, and master tapes were destroyed. Fela claimed that he would have been killed if it was not for the intervention of a commanding officer as he was being beaten. Fela’s response to the attack was to deliver his mother’s coffin to the Dodan Barracks in Lagos, General Olusegun Obasanjo’s residence, and to write two songs, “Coffin for Head of State” and “Unknown Soldier,” referencing the official inquiry that claimed the commune had been destroyed by an unknown soldier…,” Wikipedia.
The military government attacked him again in 1984. He was jailed for currency smuggling related offence. With the intervention of several human-rights groups, he was released by General Ibrahim Babangida; the then Nigerian military head of state.

With his Egypt 80 band, Fela continued to release albums, making a number of successful tours to the United States and Europe. In 1989, Fela & Egypt 80 released the anti-apartheid album, ‘Beasts of No Nation’. The cover of the album was depicted with the U.S. President Ronald Reagan, UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and South African Prime Minister P.W. Botha; pointed teeth dripping blood.

Between 1993 and the following years, Fela illness was beginning to be a real problem. There were rumours that Fela was suffering from Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, also known as AIDS.

“Even though you are made weak by time and fate, you remained strong in will and never abandoned your goal of a free, democratic, socialist Africa,” some of his sympathisers remarked.

On August 2, 1997, he died, leaving the battle for those who believe in his vision.

12 years has past on. The Nigerian society is still not getting any better. The government, though now civilian, is still doing the business as usual, neglecting its responsibility and allowing tension to grow.

A philosophy of corruption and none accountability is been supported by few local and foreign elites who manipulate the system. They are not disturbed to hear of the thousands and millions of Nigerians who are fleeing their homeland, as if it has been doomed by nature. A country not at war but worst than one.

Fela might have been right after all, not to have relented in his effort of fighting injustice and oppression in the Nigerian system.

His story, therefore, is worth reconstructing so that someone, somewhere, can learn from it.

Ewanfoh Obehi Peter

African baby taken from police station in London

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We republish this news from the BBC in the hope that somebody might know this and help in the search that is going on in London.

Audrey Kessie Nyanor A hunt is under way for an 18-month-old girl taken from a police station.

Audrey Kessie Nyanor’s mother, 36, was arrested on Thursday in Southwark, south-east London over alleged immigration offences.

A woman turned up at Walworth police station saying she was a friend of Audrey’s mother and was there to collect her.

However it later transpired she was not and a search was started. Audrey’s mother was later released on bail.

Audrey is of Ghanaian descent, and was last seen wearing pink trousers, a pink coat and a pink and white hat.

Police say the woman who took Audrey is also believed to be of Ghanaian heritage, medium build, with short black hair, and last seen wearing a bright red coat and dark knee-length boots.

Several places have been searched and six people have been arrested in connection with the investigation.

Des africains à Rome en Italie sont en grève de la faim

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Ouattara Gaoussou. Il vit à Rome et dirige le Mouvement des Africains, il a organisé la commémoration du 20eme anniversaire de l’assassinat de Thomas SANKARA à Rome en 2007.

Vous pouvez manifester votre solidarité et faire en sorte que la presse dans vos pays en parlent.


Amis, Chers frères et soeurs

Nous sommes arrivés à un point d’exaspération tel qu’il ne nous reste plus
que “l’arme” de la grève de la faim!

Nous vivons dans un pays que nous avons adopté comme nôtre. Nos enfants y
sont nés et ne connaissent désormais que l’Italie comme patrie. Nous nous
sommes insérés tant bien que mal dans le tissu social italien, apportant
chaque jour notre contribution à la consolidation du bien-être d’une
nation qui est désormais la nôtre. Nous nous glorifions des avancées de
l’Italie, souffrons avec le pays en temps de récession, nous rendant
sensibles aux heurs et malheurs d’un pays que nous avons appris à aimer, à
respecter, à porter dans nos cours, sans nous plaindre plus que les

Mais nous en sommes arrivés à un tel degré d’absurdité que nous devons
crier au monde notre « soif » de légalité ! De jour en jour, nous sommes
repoussés vers des horizons où il est difficile au commun des mortels de
résister à la facilité compromettante et de tomber dans les pièges d’une
criminalité organisée qui est une réalité dans ce pays !

Comment comprendre que c’est la loi qui nous pousse vers la clandestinité
? Comment comprendre, alors que les textes sont clairs, qu’il faille
attendre sept voire neuf mois le renouvellement d’un permis de séjour
d’une validité d’un an ! Comment accepter le cercle vicieux vers lequel on
nous pousse : pour travailler, il faut avoir ses papiers en règle; pour
avoir ses papiers en règle il faut travailler !!! Entre les deux, la
menace constante d’un emprisonnement pour séjour irrégulier et d’une
expulsion sans appel. La Questura est-elle faite pour fabriquer des
réguliers ou, de préférence, des irréguliers !

Les déclarations officielles sont sans ambiguïté: on ne veut pas d’une
Italie multiculturelle. Et cela se vit dans les actes jusqu’à l’absurde !
Pourtant, c’est ici la patrie des nombreux Balotelli qui font la fierté et
la joie de tous les Italiens ; de ceux qui ont contribué à redresser la
courbe démographique de la Nation ; de ceux qui, demain (c’est-à-dire dès
aujourd’hui) sont la garantie d’une couverture assurée du déficit de la
sécurité sociale au profit de tous ceux qui vont en retraite !

Il ne nous reste plus que la GREVE DE LA FAIM . pour réclamer le retour à
la légalité qui protège et qui promeut la vertu!

Dès aujourd’hui donc, nous entamons une action non-violente de grève de
la faim pour dire au monde: les crève-la-faim d’Italie se laissent mourir
de faim dans cette Europe d’abondance pour ne plus être poussés vers les
recoins de la loi !!!

Nous nous sommes entourés des précautions et garanties (juridiques et
médicales) pour que notre manifestation se déroule dans les meilleures
conditions : pas de nourriture, rien que de l’eau et trois boissons
sucrées par jour (cappuccinos, jus d’orange) afin que notre corps continue
de penser et de se tenir en forme.

Qui veut nous rejoindre n’a qu’à ajouter son nom et ses coordonnées à la
liste ci-après et à l’envoyer à l’adresse e-mail du président du
Mouvement des Africains ouattara1@gmail.com:

  1. OUATTARA Gaoussou Cote d’voire ouattara1@gmail.com oltranza
  2. DABRE Yacouba Burkina Faso abdoulrazak393@gmail.com 7G
  3. MBEZELE Felicité Cameroun antizamba@yahoo.it 7G
  4. GAYE Lamine Senegal
  5. KIZILALA Mayele Congo Democratico
  6. BUFO Aurora italia negraurora@hotmail.com
  7. RAJA Aftab Pakistan
  8. DIAW Pape Senegal – (FI)
  9. FOFANA Mamadou Cote d’Ivoire
  10. KANTE Mamourou Guinea
  11. DIARA Samakou Mali
  12. KOUMA Maurice Cote d’Ivoire
  13. UMUKUNZI Eugenie Burundi
  14. NITUNGA Alice Burundi
  15. TEFERA Senny Mali
  16. DEMBELE Soutougoumba Mali