"Good governance in Africa", Balbo

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“Talking about development does not mean to talk about philophy“, Luciano Balbo, president of Fondazione Oltre, an Italian social venture capital company, during the conference about the development of Africa which ended in Taormina, Italy, last 3rd October.

“In the world of business it does not make sense to talk about democracy or authoritarianism but it makes sense to talk about balanced powers. Up until now democracy in Africa has demonstrated itself to be a good system of governance“, Balbo said in his speech in Taormina.

“The problem today – he added – is that nobody takes risks, there is no transparency”. The president of the Italian venture capial also said that different good steps have been taken in Africa and that the west cannot not play an important role in that continent.

Ending his speech, Baldo added a note about the current world economic crisis: “Even we have this world crisis, the wealth of the world will continue to grow. The problem is how to manage the money after this crisis”.

"Sahara can replace oil", Rubbia

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“Every square mile of the Sahara desert represent a barrel of oil”, Carlo Rubbia, Italian Nobel winner, said in his speech at the conference about the development of Africa in Taormina, Italy, last Friday the 3rd of October. 

“Using the sun as an energy source can guarantee a very large quantity of energy”, he added in his speech.

“If there is a problem, this is because of the lack of organisation. It is just recently that storage system has been developed for solar energy.  This has been the key for the develoment of this energy source. The problem still relies on its cost because it is too high. Everyone, though, is convinced that it can be overcome bringing the price to 4 cents, from 12 cents, increasing the productivity”, the Nobel prize winner said.

Ending his speech, Rubbia added that “Spain is the first country to adopt an energy plan in which solar energy has an extremely important role”.

"Connecting children will change the world", Keller

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“By connecting children, I think we’ll change the world”, Matt Keller, managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa for “One laptop per child” (OLPC), said during the conference on Africa’s development in Taormina (Italy) last Friday the 3rd of October.

Reached by Africanews.it, Keller said that “the major difficulties we have are in funding. We produce this laptop for what it costs: 200 dollars. It’s not expensive, but still not enough. We’re trying to reduce the price”.

“OLPC is a 24 H/Day educational program” Matt Keller

"The EU is key for Africa" Luyckx

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Africa is not poor. It is a rich continent where there is a lot of potential, lots of resources and without them our world would fall”, Olivier Luyckx, Head of the unit aid effectiveness and relations with member states and EEA States of the European Commission, said during the conference on Africa’s development that ended in Taormina, Sicily (Italy), last Friday the 3rd of October.

“Africa is a strategic supply”, he added.

“The problem for Africa – Luyckx added – is representation. It needs to be better represented, better governed. The fight against poverty is first priority”.

The EU Commission member added that the message Europe is sending to African countries is that there is the will to do better than in the past. “We don’t want a cooperation between two countries. We want all-comprehensive partnerships. A political cooperation that it will not only speak of development and poverty, but also of climate change. A partnership that goes well beyond Africa“.

Luyckx also said that aides are not good for Africa anymore. “Public aid is in the worst of scenarios useless and in the better ones it just set the basis for development”, Luyckx said.

The Head of the Unit aid effectiveness and relations with member states added that EU commissioners have a strong commitments with their African counterparts. In fact, he said, “right now they are packing up their bags and travel to Addis Abeba for a meeting”.

Mr Luyckx also said that the EU is paying for soldiers in Darfur just like it encourages other projects aimed to strengthen EU-Africa relations. Among these projects, he said about African infrastructures. “We had to precisely understand what infrastructures were missing in the whole Continent. So we just piled up different maps: the one for water supply, railroads, motorways, energy infrastructures and more. In this way we understood clearly what was missing and where exactly”, Luyckx said.

Ending his speech, he said that “technocrates have to help other actors” referring to the accusation many do to EU institutions, accused them too technical and in an useless way.

"Change relations or go out of globalisation", Riccardi

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“If we will not change our relations with Africa, we will not be part of globalisation”, Luca Riccardi, representative of Italian premier for Africa, said during the conference on Africa’s development in Taormina, Sicily. 

“We have to understand – Riccardi added – that we’re in the middle of an anthropological change. It is true that Africa is the black hole of globalisation, but globalisation is bringing Africa nearer. if we don’t change our relations with the Continent, we will go out of globalisation”.

As he acknowledged at the beginning of his speech, even if he has been nominated for this job a couple of days ago, he demonstrated a good knowledge of recent relations between Italy and Africa.

During the speech he stressed that his role, as the one of his colleagues for other countries, is to write the African program for the G8.

"Our rights have been deleted", Mrs Ortu

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Italy did not defend the rights of its own citizens“, Giovanna Ortu, president of Airl, Italian association of deported people from Libya, said today to Africanews.it during a telephone interview.

Italians of Libya are angry, disappointed and they feel neglected by their own government. “Italy – Mrs Ortu added – has stepped over the rights of its own people deported from Libya in 1970. They did not receive any compensation”.

All goods of the Italians deported from Libya after Gaddafi got power add up to 400 billions Italian Lire in 1970. “Today – Airl president continues – they will be valued at an unbelievable price: 3 billions Euros. Up to this day we haven’t got even a formal compensation”.

“After all these days in front of palazzo Chigi, a prime minister cannot not dare to give us an answer whatsoever”, she added.

Ending the conversation, Mrs. Ortu stressed that all Italians deported from Libya know all very well the reasons behind the recent deal between Berlusconi and Gaddafi.

“I’d be happy – Mrs Ortu added – with a formal aknowledgement of our rights. It’s a problem of justice“.

For more informations: Wikipedia.


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Libya: Frattini reply to Italian deported from Libya

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“I have no reply to Mrs. Ortu nor to her incredible personal insults”, Italian minister for Foreign Affairs, Franco Frattini, said today in a press release published on the foreign ministry website (www.esteri.it).

This reply comes after a protest carried out by Mrs. Giovanna Ortu in front of government building palazzo Chigi in Rome. This protest started last Friday, the 3rd of October, and they are continuing. Mrs. Ortu is the president of the Italian association of Italians deported from Libya (Airl).

“It is clear that – Frattini added – if the complex efforts at gathering all the pertinent data and assessments have not yet been completed 38 years later, this is as a result of the objective difficulties in reconstructing them. I have said, and I repeat, that we have no intention of forgetting or ignoring the legitimate rights of the Italians deported, and that obviously the efforts by the authorised offices will continue. We are willing, and I repeat this as well, to collaborate with the Parliament on any positive proposals in this regard”.

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Touadi will speak at a conference about human rights in Rome

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The first Italian Mp with African origins, Jean Leonard Touadi, will take part in a conference about human rights manages by the “La Gabbianella Onlus” and Rita Levi-Montalcini foundation.

Nobel Montalcini will be honour guest of the conference in Rome.

After the presentation and the speech of Luciano Ardesi, national secretary of Lega per i diritti dei popoli, Touadi will speak from 3pm during the round table about how to support human rights and the responsibilities of the medias.

John Phillips, a journalist of the Times, and Luciano Scalettari, journalist of Famiglia Cristiana will also take part at the roundtable.

The conference “sosteniamo i diritti umani” will take place in villa Aurelia via Leone XIII, 459.  For more informations: La Gabbianella, 06.483381, segreteria-AT-lagabbianella-DOT-it

“Investors come to Africa” governor Fundanga

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“Conferences like this one are a good opportunity to show Italians a little about Africa and about good opportunities both for Africans and Europeans”, Caleb Fundanga, governor of the Bank of Zambia said during the conference on Africa development in course in Taormina, Sicily.

Below you can watch the video

“Everybody is welcome”, Fundanga, Bank of Zambia