Nigeria faces challenges of building West Africa's first theme park

23.May.2011 · Posted in African countries

This article is as was written by Oyetunji Abioye and published yesterday, May 22, 2011 by Punch, one of Nigeria’s leading newspapers.

Last week, some investors from United Kingdom, in partnership with the Delta State Government, announced plans to build a $250m theme and resort park, the first in West Africa. OYETUNJI ABIOYE examines the feasibility of the project.

International travel experts say that theme park serves as a catalyst for the development of major cities in the world. According to them, United States’ big cities like Orlando, Florida and Miami were developed through theme parks.

This is believed to be the reason the Delta State Government warmly embraces plans by some UK investors to build a $250m theme and resort park in the state, the first of its kind in West Africa.

The theme park, according to the foreign promoters, will come closely behind the famous Sun City Theme and Resort Park in South Africa.

The theme park, which will be sited in two locations in Delta, according to the UK resort firm, Sarner International, will be named DeltaLeisure Theme and Resort Park.

On one location is the theme park, and on the other second location is the wild life, which will look more like a safari.

Being patterned after other major parks like the famous Disney World in Europe, United States and Asia, the planned resort in Nigeria is being prepared as a global brand for tourists from all walks of life.

The proposed glamorous park will contain a five-star hotel, amusement park facilities, a plethora of entertainment systems and platforms, and special sections for all continents of the world, which the promoters say will be named differently as African, European, American and Asian villages.

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  1. It sounds very nice and encouraging. Infact it will be a very nice project since it will help to feel the lack of packs that Nigeria as a giant country has. But still, I believe that they must have put into consideration certain facts of important value. I mean, have they taken into consideration the case of insecurity that Nigerdelta zone go through? Are they realy convinced the State will take appropriate care of tourists? If realy security of tourists is assured, I feel it will be a wonderful thing but if not, I think they will function for a while since kidnappers and other rebel groups might take such as a hunting zone. Thanks.

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