Med in Italy forum: interview with Merazga Adel

02.July.2011 · Posted in Featured, MEDinItaly Forum 27-29 June 2011

Interview with Merazga Adel, architect in Algiers, Algeria. He was in Reggio Calabria during the three days of the Med In Italy forum from 27 to 29 June 2011.

What is your name?
Adel Merazga.

Are you an architect?

Yes I am an architect from Algiers, where I studied and trained. I came here [in Reggio Calabria, south Italy] for a meeting with Italian businesses. This afternoon I was able to meet six businesses in the construction sector and specifically in photovoltaic, treatment of the front part of the buildings, construction materials for thermic isolation. We discussed for a long time. I think it is possible to do something with these businesses as we have high expectations and we have good quality in the construction of buildings. This has been a good day, very interesting and fruitful.

What do you expect after a forum like this?

I hope we will try and work in partnership and also, why not, to try and import in Algeria a technicality in general in the sector of construction and in the sector of construction materials.

Is this your first time to take part in such a conference?

Yes it’s my first time.

Your impressions?

Very good. People in Reggio Calabria are very welcoming and kind. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Enzo, the interpreter, who allowed me to know a little bit better the region and the people of Calabria. I think we have something in common and frankly they are very charming.



Video interview by Piervincenzo Canale.

Special thanks to Enzo Bonfiglio

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