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12 key figures about e-commerce in Côte d’Ivoire

Abidjan, 23rd January 2015—The year 2014 marked a particular point in the adventure of the No. 1 online retailer in Côte d’Ivoire, which started in June 2013. In 2014 Jumia has striven with passion and determination to shake consumers’ habits, and deliver happiness to Ivoirian households. We have selected 12 reasons for you to be “Jumiaddicted”

1.       30 seconds: it is the record time for validating an order on JUMIA by the customer service.
2.       828 km: it is the distance that JUMIA’s logistics team had to travel to deliver a package in Tingréla at the border of Burkina-Faso.

3.       25 millions : t is the number of page views on www.jumia.ci in 2014 ; namely more than the total of the Ivorian population
4.       17 minutes: it is the record time to deliver the fastest order!

5.       Black, White, Blue: the flag of Estonia? Yes, but these were also the most sold colors on JUMIA’s website in 2014.
6.       60: it is the number of micro-waves sold in one hour on JUMIA; thus one micro-wave per minute.
7.       11527 km: it is the distances travelled by Michael Kors bags, Ralph Lauren polo shirts, and Calvin Klein shirts between Las Vegas and Abidjan.
8.       50%: it is the proportion of female employees occupying managerial positions at JUMIA, thus a perfect parity (middle and top management).
9.       250:  it is the number of persons passionate about entrepreneurship and e-commerce that have joined JUMIA in 2014!

10.   The total height of JUMIA orders received in 2014 is 25,000 times higher than the peak of Yamoussoukro Basilica at 158m (the highest Christian monument in the World)!

11.    3 years old: it is the age of our youngest client on JUMIA having ordered toys (with parental help).
12.   1801:  it is the number of Ivoirian children that JUMIA provided with happiness in 2014 throughout social initiatives for the start of the school year and Christmas festivities.

Source: press release

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