Interview with D. Ndombele, min.agriculture Angola

05.July.2011 · Posted in Unido - agriculture forum

Interview with Dielobaka Ndombele, director of the Ministry of agriculture, rural development and fisheries of Angola. This is interview was done minutes after the agriculture in Africa forum held by UN agency for industrial development, Unido in Rome last 28 June 2011.

What follow is the interview on YouTube and in text.

How Italy can help your country, Angola, to develop agriculture?

By investing, as I just said. We need such investors. We have a program. It is a plan that defines priorities. During my speech I spoke about some of these priorities and the domains in which businesses, our foreign partners, the business operators can invest in food production. I mentioned rice, beans, etc. This is a necessity for our population because food production of agricultural origin has slowed. So we need an intervention from other partners with whom we want to develop agriculture.

With industrialisation, isn’t there a risk to loose original food and traditions?

No. We have a family based agriculture on which we aim to get to self-sufficiency and we also have a plan for food security in which we foresee all this.

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