Interview with Bouchaib Benhamida

02.July.2011 · Posted in Featured, MEDinItaly Forum 27-29 June 2011

Interview with Bouchaib Benhamida, president of Morocco’s national federation of buildings, after the MED in Italy forum held the 29 June 2011 in Reggio Calabria, Italy.

What do you think about this forum?

I think it’s great because it is a way to know eachother between many Mediterranean countries and, as the Mrs president of the [Tunisian] Corporation of architects [Fertani Nabila] said, the Mediterranean Sea is a legacy the belongs to all and we all have to share thoughts about our common problems, i.e. about the environment, the sustainability of buildings. All this has an aim which is the wellness of the human being. I believe this brought to talk about immigration/emigration. In our country there is a proverb: a cat does not leave his house for marriage.

This is why I agree with the Tunisian president of the Corporation of architects when she says that it is not with an happy hearth that there is a flux of emigration toward the north because there is more prosperity, more wealth, more well being. If these demands are met, nobody will leave its own house and city. I think these kind of meetings will help bring awareness and this solidarity that needs to be expressed across the Mediterranean for sharing solidarity, well being.


Interview by Piervincenzo Canale

Special thanks to Vincenzo Bonfiglio, interpreter.

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