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In 2015, three music festivals Festival Taragalte (Morocco, M’hamid), Festival au Désert (Mali, Timbuctu) and Festival sur le Niger (Mali, Ségou) are working and travelling together to promote cultural diversity, peace, tolerance and social cohesion amongst the peoples of the Sahel and Sahara.

A crowdfunding projet has been launched to help funding the caravane project. We warm invite all of our friends and supporters to contribute to this project through a donation that can be done at the following website:!/projects/cultural-caravan-for-peace

This is a message we received today in our mailbox we though “this is a project worth spreading the word about”.



The historic role of caravans in the Sahara and wider region cannot be underestimated. Caravans meant that different cultures had contact with each other and could connect. Exchanges happened through families, music, poetry, art, and lifestyle. These activities brought people closer together, creating awareness about other cultures, leading to innovative ways of working together and resolving difficult challenges.

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