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2 Responses to “Contacts”

  1. Dear Editor
    I am lady aged 28, currently corresponding for H-Metro news paper a member of the Zim Papers group.
    I am interested in becoming one of your freelance reporters for the 2018 Rugby Gold Cup

    below is a link where you can find my work

    hope to hear from you soon


  2. Godfrey Onen Omony Kerali says:

    Dear ADV,

    I hereby would like to congratulate you upon the launching of Africa Daily Voice, with ita headquarters in Malaba, Equatoria Guinea.

    This is a welcome news for people like me who do not listen to WesternMdeia because they have alwasy reported and still report aspects of and portray very negative of Africa.

    There are so much positive things that have happened and happening in Africa today.

    I just told my friends yesterday that, Equatoria Guinea built a brand new Capital City called Malaba, financed purely by the government of Equatoria Guinea and without the help of Western Finance.

    I am a Ugandan and live and work in Stockholm, Sweden and would like very much to be part of Africa Daily Voice.

    I am an Accountant and Political Economist by Profession and would very much like to use my knowledge and work experience to help build the whole of Africa.

    Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me for all matters regarding the Plotical Economy and Growth and Development of Africa.

    Kind Regards

    Godfrey Onen Omony Kerali

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