Africa finance and investment forum 2015 in South Africa

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A Public Private Dialogue on Impact Investment in Africa

Mapping the Road to Developing Africa’s Impact Investment Sector

In the framework of AFIF 2015, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will organise a Private-Public Dialogue (PPD) on Impact Investment in Africa.

The PPD will facilitate the exchange of information and collaboration between key public and private sector players in impact investment in Africa, and will feature plenary keynote addresses and a technical working & negotiation session to map the next steps in growing the sector.

The PPD will culminate in the endorsement of the Cape Town Declaration on Impact Investment, and an “Impact Investment in Africa” Action Plan & Roadmap.

About Impact Investment: Africa’s impact investment sector is still nascent, with approximately only US$9 billion worth of impact investments deployed in the continent. The time is ripe, therefore, for African policy makers, investors and other key sector players to devise practical solutions that will help to improve impact investment practice in Africa and stimulate the sector to grow to its true potential.

AFIF will take place for the first time in South Africa and will focus on sources of funding and innovative financial solutions to assist Africa’s businesses by expert practitioners and will showcase financial challenges and opportunities in agriculture, health, and energy. AFIF will include:

  • A pre-conference Training on “Entrepreneurship & Business Planning”

    B2B meetings & informal networking events
    – The “AFIF Entrepreneurship Award 2015”, a competition open to all African-based SMEs and supported by the Rabobank Foundation.
    – Simultaneous translation in English-French-Portuguese.

Afif Programme 2015.pdf

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